November 2000 Update

The caboose has been tarped for the winter. This is due to holes in the roof that were opened up during transport from Pleasanton to Millericks. There is also an open hole for the stovepipe, and open windows in the cupola with glass out. Our first efforts will be to (1) remove the existing roof covering, (2) repair some wood rot, (3) apply a new roof covering. The roof covering is interesting, in that it will utilize the same materials and methods used in the original construction. This consists of putting down a layer of Irish felt, treating that layer, putting down a layer of canvas, stretching the canvas and securing it at the edge with copper tacks. The canvas is then painted. Several people responded to the resource questionnaire, and we have about a dozen who are ready to go to work on the caboose. The Board is arranging to move some funds so that work may start very soon. We hope to have the first work session by the middle of December.

Anyone who is interested in working on the caboose may let us know through the Society phone, Post Office box, or email NWPRRHS Secretary.

Please email the Preservation Committee with your questions about our restoration efforts.

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  1. Steve Bailey Cooksey August 31, 2023 at 12:17 pm

    Very interesting reading about the history of Caboose #13. My father was a Brakeman on the NWPRR from 1950 to 1983. He lived in Eureka and I’m sure he must have spent many hours riding and working in this caboose. His name is Bailey Cooksey.


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