One of our Society’s goals, that of establishing a museum and archival library, has been realized in our William R. Hogarty Library. The Library houses over 23,000 catalogued items relating to the Northwestern Pacific Railroad and other Redwood Empire rail lines. The Library contains over 11,800 photographs, 2,900 maps, 1290 plans, a large reference book library, collections of employee timetables and rosters, as well as many historical documents and Artifacts.

We have thousands more items to enter into the database, each week we find new ‘treasures’ as we explore the material we are entering into the Archive’s database.

We have found a new home for our Library and Archive. We have relocated to a Petaluma office space with a very convenient location. We are at 75 Magnolia Ave. in Petaluma. We could use help with data entry and sorting, if you are interested please send an e-mail.

The Restoration Yard is located at 110 Bayliss St. in Petaluma.

The Library/Archive applied for and was granted a $1000.00 Grant from the Tom E. Dailey Foundation. This grant money has been spent on making our collections more accessible to the public. A new slide scanner, photo albums, and a new computer workstation have been set up.

The Archives are open every Thursday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm (Arrangements can be made for other days or times),

To gain access at other times for research purposes contact the NWPRRHS secretary