Our Restoration Projects

Explore each project below to see a plethora of photos, information, and restoration stories from over the years.

  • Caboose #13

    Caboose #13

    This is the excerpt for Caboose 13. This content can be edited in the Excerpt section of the Restoration Project.

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  • P&SR #1

    P&SR #1

    This is the excerpt for the P&SR Caboose #1 project. This text can be customized in the Excerpt box on the edit restoration project page.

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  • Car #29/123

    Car #29/123

    CP Coach #29 (Subsequently SP 1121, NWP 123, NWP MW 242) Parts Acquisition for Central Pacific 29 In October 2011 the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum donated the floor assembly …

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  • Baggage #605

    Baggage #605

    Introduction and History of NWP Baggage #605 Research suggests it was constructed in 1892 for San Francisco and North Pacific (denoted as car #5), it may have been built in …

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