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Numbers in bold are the number of available print copies as of January 22, 2009.
Most issues after 2003 are in plentiful supply.
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Premier 1987 Volume 1. Number 1 8 PDF
Hard Times for the Old Narrow Gauge, Ted Wurm: The lumber traffic didn’t last long. Homemade Railcar Takes to the Rails, Bruce D. Quinn Trains to the Russian River (excerpts), Fred A. Stindt: Personal recollections. I Am an Eel River Man, Donald D. Edmisten: Cab ride on Eureka Southern. Bonzo Goes to Sausalito, Jack Farley: Story of a railroad dog.

Winter 1987-1988. Volume 1, Number 2 2 PDF
The Calistoga Depot, Part 1, Robert Stadelman: History and restoration. Northwestern Pacific Steam Locomotive 112, Fred A. Stindt: Life of the 112 as Fred knew her. NWP No. 112 Steams on in 1.5″ Scale, Andy Morrison Narrow Gauge to the Next World, Ted Wurm: Tales of disasters and wrecks.

Spring 1988 Volume 2, Number 1 0 PDF
Getting Over White’s Hill, Dewey Livingston: 1870’s mountain railroading. Marinship and the NWP, Ted Wurm: NWP goes to war. Frank T. Vanatta, Genius in Juice, George H. Harlan: Electrification for North Shore The Carlotta Daylight, Donald D. Edmisten: Riding excursions on the branch. The Calistoga Depot, Conclusion, Robert J. Stadelman: History and restoration.

Fall 1988 Volume 2 Number 2 1 PDF
Willis A. Silverthorn, ‘High Iron’ Gentleman, Fred A. Stindt Night Freight (Excerpts), Clyde Rice: Hobo rides steam freight Eureka to Tiburon Birthday Gift for Corte Madera, Grant S. Allen: NWP Coach 458 comes home. Avro Ulvila and the Thousand Year Flood, Ruth Rockefeller: Roadmaster recalls 1964 flood. All Aboard for Tomales Bay, A Ride on the Narrow Gauge, Dewey Livingston

Spring 1989 Volume 3 Number 1 0 PDF
E.R. Freeman: Pioneer Photographer of NWP’s “Gap”, Peter E. Palmquist Lansdale Station, Dewey Livingston: Electric commuter stop. Tales of the Rails, James McGowan: Tales of an NWP conductor. Mount Tamalpias Memories, Ted Wurm Night Freight Conclusion, Clyde Rice: Hobo rides steam Eureka to Tiburon Annie and Mary Lives Again: Arcata & Mad River RR.

Gold Spike Issue Fall 1989 Volume 3 Number 2 0 PDF
The Gold Spike Story, D.E. Rayle From Camp to Camp Along the Eel, Lynford (Bud) Scott: Memories from 1910-1914. Four Gallant Engines Serve at Cain Rock, Fred A. Stindt E.R. Freeman, Pioneer NWP Photographer, Part II, Peter E. Palmquist Great Need for a Rail Connection, Stanley Parker: The Pacific Lumber Co. wanted NWP. The “Other” Gold Spike, Fred A. Stindt: 1965 reopening after the floods.

Spring 1990 Volume 4 Number 1 2 PDF
NWP in the Fifties: Fred Codoni’s recollections and South End jobs. Northwestern Pacific Night, Donald D. Edmisten: Tracking NWP action in 1987. Modeling the Sonoma, Frank Allen NWP Business Car No. 06, W.D. Vail: History and restoration of The Redwood. Photo Story: Rail Excursion to Kenwood-1940. First Mystery Picture Solved

Fall 1990 Volume 4 Number 2 0 PDF
Memories of a Narrow Gauge Engineman (Elmore Powell), Part I, Ted Wurm I Grew Up with the NWP, Michael Pechner: The kid who rides freights Mystery Photos Greenbrae Tunnel is Double Tracked-1914 “CD 31 CY 3”: Take an order, Cloverdale.

Spring 1991 Volume 5 Number 1 0 PDF
NWP Engine Service Sixty Years Ago, Ted Wurm: More of Elmore Powell. Redwood Empire Photo Album: Willits Depot and other photos. A Number One Question, Allen Tacy: Was NPC No. 1 a 4-4-0 or a 2-6-0? Tales of the School Special, Fred Codoni: Bumpy rides to Tamalpais High School. Memories of Maynard Driesbach: Brief history and photos of NWP employee c. 1910-1917.

Fall 1991 Volume 5 Number 2 0 PDF
Two Tunnels Under White’s Hill, Bill Allen Blinley Goes to Samoa, Leslie “Blinley” Hallstone: Working the Samoa job, 1947-1948. The Santa Rosa is Launched: First auto ferry. Life in an NWP Engine Cab, Elmore Powell & Ted Wurm School Trains Were Everywhere, Jack Eisen

Spring 1992 Volume 6 Number 1 Petaluma & Santa Rosa (P & SR) 0 PDF
Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway, Allen Tacy: Revisionist history. Commuting to Santa Rosa, 1918, Ed Fratini: via P&SR. P & SR Chronology P& SR Roster Memories of Roy Shaw: Long time P&SR motorman. Remembering Fred Stindt P & SR Stations

Fall 1992. Volume 6 Number 2 0 PDF
Death Comes for the Pioneers, Ted Wurm: Last of the electrics By Rail to Alcatraz, Jack Eisen: Al Capone’s last ride. The Cookhouse at Fort Seward, Leslie “Blinky” Hallstone Last Train to Tiburon, Larry Haman: 1962 excursion.

Spring-Summer 1993 Volume 7 Number 1 1 PDF
Blinley Hires Out, Blinky Hallstone: Eureka, 1946. The Strike of 1954, Fred Codoni Depression Scrap Lines, Ted Wurm NWP Had Some Unusual Cars

Fall-Winter 1993 Volume 7 Number 2 1 PDF
Two Wrecks at Largo, Part One-Fred Codoni: 1929 tragic wreck. NWP Handled the Mail, Francis M. Egan: RPOs and Closed Pouch trains. Lake County Had a Railroad, Ted Wurm A Trip on the Cazadero & SFO RPO “Stops to Exchange Mail” The Mystery of 21’s Tender is Solved

Spring-Summer 1994 Volume 8, Number 1 3 PDF
The SF & NPs Locomotive Fleet, Joseph A Strapac: Definitive look at varied roster. SF & NP / CNW Rosters Two Wrecks at Largo – Part Two, Fred Codoni: 1952 tragic wreck. The Tiburon Shops, Lou Bradas: Steam and diesel repair. The Lidgerwood Track Fred Buscher Remembered Tiburon: Recollections of shop foreman 1930-1945. Time Books Tell a Tale, Ted Wurm: Bill Silverthorn book reveals rare tales.

Fall-Winter 1994 Volume 8 Number 2 3 PDF
Myth and the Millwood, Bruce MacGregor: NPC’s business car. NWP Interlocking Plants; Expedited Train Movements, Fred Codoni: Five towers controlled trains. Ed Nervo’s Photo Album The Story of Nashrnead, Mrs. Jean Crabtree: An Eel River railroad town. The View from the Passenger Window, Bill Tuggle: Ferryboat recollections.

Spring-Summer 1995 Volume 9 Number 1, Ferryboat Issue 0 PDF
The Northwestern Pacific’s Navy, George H. Harlan: Brief history of NWP ferryboats. Ferryboat Portraits: Pictures and statistics of NWP ferryboats. Ferry Days, Clyde Rice: Reminiscences of NWP ferryboat deckhand. A Bad Day for the NWP, Ted Wurm: Opening of Golden Gate Bridge dooms ferries. Ferryboat Vignettes: Oral history of NWP ferryboats.

Fall-Winter 1995 Volume 9 Number 2 41 PDF
Charles E. Neal, 1909-1995, Dedication. Marvelous Marin, Inc., vs. the NWP, Civic Group Prods the Railroad, Fred Codoni: Commuter suits in late 20’s. Tales of the Budd Car, Blinky Hallstone: Budd car versus truck at South Bay, a slippery meet at Dos Rios. Redwood Empire Photo Album, NWP postcard views from Fred Codoni’s collection. Trinidad Branch Hauled Logs, Loggers: Operations on the Eureka to Trinidad line. Mystery Photo: NWP loco 1915 made of fruit. See You in the Funny Papers! The Occidental Storekeeper Who Was a ‘Model Citizen’, Harold Lapham: “Mutt and Jeff” were inspired by NWP narrow gauge characters. Mendocino Hits the Dock: 1927 collision of ferryboat and Sausalito dock, commuters lose waiting room. Book Review, Bill Knapke, A Railroad Legend, by Dick Murdock. Heisler Needed for Log Haul: Northwestern Redwood Lumber Co. wants more power at Sherwood

Spring-Summer 1996 Volume 10 Number 1 0 PDF
P&SR in the 1970s, by Ed Mackinson; Blinky Drops Some Cars, by Blinky Hallstone; NWP’s Nevada Engines – Photo Story; Eel River Odyssey, by R. S. McCall; Bob Moulton Remembers the Mountain Railroad

Fall-Winter 1996 Volume 10 Number 2 0 PDF
The Albion Branch, by Fred Codoni; Old Shay’s Sherwood Branch, by Allen Tacy; Steam Days: One Man’s Recollection, by Arden Scott; More Mystery photos; From the Cab; Mail Car; Book Review

Spring-Summer 1997 Volume 11 Number 1 1 PDF
Exploring the North pacific Coast, by James Kluksdahl; Blinky Survives the Floods, by Blinky Hallstone; Tracking Ghost rails of the NWP, by Allen Tacy; Switchers – A Photo Gallery; Plenty of Trains in 1932; From the Cab; Mail Car; Video review

Fall-Winter 1997 Volume 11 Number 2 (Cover mislabeled Number 1) PDF 1
E. H. Maggard, Master Railroader, by Fred Codoni; Bryan R. R. Whipple, by John West; Exploring the North Pacific Coast, Part II, by James Kluksdahl; Tales of the North End, by Blinky Hallstone; NPC Standard Design Depots, by Allen Tacy

Spring-Summer 1998 Volume 12 Number 1 0 PDF
The Story of Brother Bill, Part I, -Master of the Narrow Gauge, by Allen Tacy; Slide at MP 201! Eel River Canyon Mud is NWP’s Nemesis, by Fred Codoni; Exploring the North Pacific Coast, Part III -San Geronimo to Point Reyes Station, by James Kluksdahl; Welding kept the Railroad Running, by Chuck Daniels; A trip on the NPC; Little Histories of the Road – Cloverdale; Tank Car Mystery; From the Cab; Mail Car; Reviews

Fall-Winter 1998 Volume 12 Number 2 0 PDF
Remembering Island Mountain – The Christmas Week Flood, by JW. Lynch; Formal Investigation- Company “Trails” were Frequent, by Fred Codoni; Characters I’ve Known, by Blinky Hallstone; Eureka Had Streetcars, by jerry Colivas; Exploring the North Pacific Coast, Part IV – point Reyes Station to Tomales, by James Kluksdahl; Brown’s Canyon Bridge – NPC’s Span Was Highest West of the Mississippi, Article and Drawings by Allen Tacy; From the Cab; Mail Car; redwood Empire Photos Section

Spring-Summer 1999 Volume 13 Number 1 0 PDF
The Story of Bother Bill, Part Two -“Turn on the Gravity”, by Allen Tacy; California’s railway Craftsmen – An Examination of the Resourcefulness of the Shopmen, by Paul Trimble; Blinky and the Tunnels, by Blinky Hallstone; Ted Wurm, Railroad Historian, An Autobiography; redwood Empire Photo Album, little histories of the Road – Carlotta; From the Cab

Fall-Winter 1999 Volume 13 Number 2 0 PDF
Ghosts at the Confluence – Where Loggers Met the Railroad in Lagunitas Canyon by Jim Kluksdahl; Freight Operations on the P&SR, Edited by Allen Tacy; NWP’s Gas and Diesel-Electric Cars by Blinky Hallstone

Spring-Summer 2000 Volume 14 Number 1 0 PDF
Ghosts at the Confluence, Part II – Where Loggers Met the Railroad in Lagunitas Canyon, By Jim Kluksdahl; Roy Sway’s P&SR, as edited by Allen Tacy; Railroad Historiograhpy in the New Millenium – How will Railroads Be Depicted? by Paul Trimble; Tales of the North End – Trapped by Slides, by Blinky Hallsotne; 184 the Hoodoo Engine; from the Cab; Redwood Empire Photo Album

Fall-Winter 2000 Volume 14 Number 2 0 PDF
I Ran the P&SR Motors, by Bob Shaw, as Edited by Allen Tacy; Ghosts at the Confluence, Part III – Where Loggers met the Railroad in Lagunitas Canyon, by Jim Kluksdahl; San Rafael Commutes by Steam, Part I, by Allen Tacy; Tales of the North End – work Trains and Log Gons, by Blinky Hallstone; A joy Ride on the Markham Branch; A Fire at Luffenholtz; From the Cab; Redwood Empire Photo Album – Photos from Alvon J. Thoman; Book Review – Mill Valley, the Early Years

Spring-Summer 2001 Volume 15 Number 1 9
Point Reyes Dairy Gold, by Allen Tacy; San Rafael Commutes by Steam – Conclusion, by Allen Tacy; Broken Knuckles and Derailments, by Blinky Hallstone; Ghosts at the Confluence – Where Loggers Met the Railroad in Lagunitas Canyon – Conclusion by Jim Kluksdahl; Accuracy of Station Accounts, Camp Meeker was Popular for Vacations, Ghost of Old No. 99 Roars Down Tracks; From the Cab, Redwood Empire Photo Album

Fall-Winter 2001 Volume 15 Number 2 SPECIAL ISSUE The NWP in WWII 0 PDF
NWP Goes to War; Marinship, NWP’s Major Wartime Customer; Advertising Spurs War Effort; Building a Branch for Bombs; Abandonments Help War Effort; From Sausalito to Dan Rafael – NWP’s Headquarters Moves

Spring-Summer 2002 Volume 16 Number 1 5
Locomotives Sausalito Built, by Allen Tacy; The Dispatcher, by Fred Codoni; Near Disaster at Milepost 159, by Blinky Hallstone; Which fork of the Eel?, by Allen Tacy; Excerpts from the HEADLIGHT, May 1924; How Do Drawbridges Work?; Two Photos from Doug Richter; Redwood Empire Photo Album

Fall-Winter 2002 Volume 16 Number 2 6
Vacation = Summer Time, Travel Time, by Allen Tacy; Life on the Northwestern Pacific, by Paul Crapuchettes; Watches, Clocks Helped Keep NWP Safe, by Fred Codoni; Tales of the North End, by Blinky Hallstone

Spring-Summer 2003 Volume 17 Number 1
Oh, Occidental, by Allen Tacy; Carlotta, Logging Center; Russian River Reminiscences, by Elwin Story; The United Railroads of San Francisco and the NWP, by Paul Trimble; Redwood Empire Photo Album; More Derailments and Slides, by Blinky Hallstone; Safety in 1924

Fall-Winter 2003 Volume 17 Number 2
SPECIAL ISSUE: BILL SILVERTHORN – NWP’S BEST-KNOWN ENGINEER Bill and Engine No. 178; Bill Silverthorn, Railfan Photographer; Engine No. 101; Bob Moulton talks about Bill Silverthorn; Bill Silverthorne Retires; Amusing and Unusual Happenings on the NWP; Bill’s Favorite Engines, the 51 Class; Marsha Remembers Her Grandfather by Marsha Silverthorn Lightfoot; More of Bill’s Memories

Spring-Summer 2004 Volume 18 Number 1
Allen Tacy: Duncan Mills Land & Lumber C; The Memories of Elwin G. Story, Engineer; NWP’s Geared Engines Comment by Bill Silverthorn; Photo story “No. 3 Turn Train at Detour”; Newspaper accounts of Railroad History

Fall-Winter 2004 Volume 18 Number 2 (Cover mislabeled Number 1)
Requiem for a Little Train; Sausalito: Trains, Ferryboats and Yachting, by Allen Tacy; Saga of the Sprint Train, by Ed Mackinson; Tales of Engine No. 112, by Willis Silverthorn; The Camp Meeker Light Railway, by Allen Tacy; Redwood Empire Photo Album

Spring-Summer 2005 Volume 19 Number 1
Of Cordwood, Tanbark and Charcoal – It Ain’t Lumber, But it Moved by Rail, by Allen Tacy; Fire in Tunnel 4, by Fred Codoni; A Redwood Empire Photo Album – A 1947 NWP-CWR Excursion; Six Sturdy Steamers, Bill Silverthorn Remembered 136-141; Ukiah is Launched, Makes Maiden Trip; Robert McFarland’s Photos; Layout Design by NWP -Fulton, by Allen Tacy; Roy Graves remembered the Big Quake and Picnic trains

Fall-Winter 2005 Volume 19 Number 2
Letter to the Editor; The Guerneville & Russian River Railway, by John Schubert; Interesting Days at the Agency, by Fred Codoni; Tales of the North End, by Blinky Hallstone; Layout Design by NWP – Duncan Mills, by Allen Tacy; Locomotives on the Guerneville Branch by Bill Silverthorne,; The Original Headlight; Interurban Instructions; 1886-1890 in the Marin Journal

Spring-Summer 2006 Volume 20 Number 1
Commemorating the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906; Man at His Best: North Coast Folks Provide Relief Supplies; Fred Stindt’s Guerneville Branch; NWP Buys Four Ten-Wheelers; Historic Letter to Bill Thomas Found at West Point Inn

Fall-Winter 2006 Volume 20 Number 2
Hiking on Mt. Tamalpias; Building the Guerneville Branch; Ed Nervo’s Photo Section; Redwood Empire Weekend; McGregor Speculates on 3-Rail Yard

Spring-Summer 2007 Volume 21 Number 1 100th Anniversary Issue
Arch Enemies join to form NWP; NWP an Amalgamation of Many Roads; NWP Constructs More Railroad; Which Way To Go, South Fork or Main Fork of Eel?; Several Men Guided the NWP; Rails Reach Eureka; The Decades, Each of the NWP’s Nine Decades Profiled; Video Review, Catenary Video’s Coast Daylight.

Fall-Winter 2007 Volume 21 Number 2
When They Come Off the Track-The Story of NWP’s Derailments and Other “Unusual Incidents”

Spring-Summer 2008 Volume 22 Number 1
Riverboats on the Petaluma Creek, by Paul Trimble; Richmond-San Rafael Ferry Company, by Paul Trimble; NWP Buys “Modern” Engines, by Willis A. Silverthorn; More About NWP’s Worst Wreck; Donahue Landing Flourished, Died, by A.S. Keenan, MD.; Redwood Empire Photo Section

Fall-Winter 2008 Volume 22 Number 2
George L. Morrison VP&GM NWPRR 1951-1963, by Fred Codoni; Morrison Was A Fighter-He Had To Be; Redwood was NWP’s Last Business Car; Morrison’s Photo Section; Daylight Demise, by Bruce Evans; Train Indicators Harriman Lines Made Train Identification Easier, by Fred Codoni; Letters; Redwood Empire Photo Section

Spring-Summer 2009 Volume 23 Number 1
Fred Stindt’s narrow Gauge, by Fred Stindt; diesel Locomotives of the Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railroad, by Mike Manson; Instamatic Days on the P&SR, by Ed Mackinson; NWP’s Interurban Gardens, Photo Feature; “Snowball Special”, flyer for 1941 Snow Trip; Departments: From the Original Headlight; Letters; Redwood Empire Photo Section

Fall-Winter 2009 Volume 23 Number 2
SP 10 – NWP’s Iconic Rail Diesel Car, by Mike Manson; NWP Used SP Locomotives; The NWP in Miniature, by Verne Alexander; Corte Madera and Larkspur Were Busy Stations; With the Black Gang on a Ferryboat, by Clyde Rice; Bridgetender Dies, Family Sues, Supreme Court Decides; Departments: From the Original Headlight

Spring-Summer 2010 Volume 24 Number 1
Verl Gale – His life on Two Railroads; The Redwood News Agent – Baggage Car; Pay Attention to Train Orders! by Fred Codoni; The “Tee Bone” Special; Redwood Empire Photo Album; There’s a Fire in the Roundhouse!, by Jack Mason; Great Sport Coming Down Mt. Tamalpias; Northwesterners Wearing New Uniforms

Fall-Winter 2010 Volume 24 Number 2
Sinking of the Ferry San Rafael, by Don Perry, Notes by Paul Trimble; Excerpts From Jack London’s Sea Wolf; Redwood Empire Photo Album; Hobos, Bums and Tramps – The Story of the “Knights of the Road” by Fred Codoni; Hobo Sign Language – Simple drawing guided hobos; John Hobo, from the original Headlight; What’s “LCL”; The Story of Boomer Jack

Spring-Summer 2011 Volume 25 Number 1
Point Reyes Station, Gateway to West Marin, by Fred Codoni; The San Rafael Hobo Jungles, by Hugh Cassidy; California Western Diesel Memories, by Ed Mackinson; California Western Photos Identified, by Kevin Burke; Modeling the Northwestern Pacific, by Ed Merrin; Features: A Dime is Worth $1000.00; Engineer W. S. Eddy Dies at the Trrottle.

Fall-Winter 2011 Volume 25 Number 2
Living and Vacationing on the NWP, by Fred Codoni; Some Eureka Soutern Memories, by Fred Mackinson; Early Railroading in Humboldt County, by B.F. Porter in the March 1925 Headlight; Commuting to Lagunitas, by Fred Codoni; Modeling NWP Rolling Stock, by Bruce Kuebler; “Don’t Build that Railroad”, Report of NPC Chief Engineer George Black.

Spring-Summer 2012 Volume 26 Number 1
The Northwestern Pacific Railroad is back in Business, by Mike Manson; Early Railroading in Humboldt County Part Two, by B. F. Porter in the March 1925 Headlight; Choice Locations: Modeling the North End in 1958, Story and Photos by Mitch Valder; Redwood Empire Photo Album, The Freight Trains; A wintertime Visit to the North Coast, Story and Photos by Ed Mackinson; Features: Video Review: Smoke in the Canyon; Railroaders Save Depot.

Fall-Winter 2012 Volume 26 Number 2
Charles Hopkins, Old-Time Railroader, from the Journal of Charles Blogett Hopkins; Schuetzen Park, A 19th Century Playground, by Marilyn Geary; NWP to Portland!; Evolution of a Signal; Guns to the Coast; Photo Section; Little Histories of the Road – Spyrock Station

Spring-Summer 2013 Volume 27 Number 1
Cabooses of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, Part 1 by Mike Manson; Charles Hopkins, Old-Time Railroader, from the Journal of Charles Hopkins; SP Standard Depots along the NWP by Henry E. Bender, Jr.; Photographs

Fall-Winter 2013 Volume 27 Number 2
Dos Rios to South Fork, A trip through the Eel River Canyon, By Fred Codoni; Island Mountain, in the middle of nowhere, Photo Story; Island Mountain, A difficult place to work by Blinky Hallstone; Redwood Empire Photo Album; Trinidad, NWP’s Northernmost Station from the NWP Headlight, November 1926; Cabooses of the NWP, Part II by Mike Manson

Spring-Summer 2014 Volume 28 Number 1 Special Issue
A Formidable Adversary, by Angelo Figone; A state of Good Repair Evaporates, by Angelo Figone; Cabooses of the NWP, Part III – Second Generation, by Mike Manson

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