From The Headlight June 2012

NWP Baggage Car 605

Work Plan for 2012

By Mike Manson

No work has been done so far this season on NWP 605, and like CP 29 it was kept under wraps until the Annual Dinner. Last fall we pulled out the interior paneling because it had been sandblasted. NWP 605’s interior framing is now exposed, showing where the windows were repositioned by a previous owner. Several of the inverted truss rods were cut to allow the windows to fit flush against the wall posts. These rods have to be repaired so they will support the car ends. Replacement windows will then be set in the original locations.

One original sliding side door remained with the car. It is being used as a pattern to build replacements for the three missing doors. The damaged door posts also will be replaced.

We removed the original canvas roof last fall. Damaged or missing tongue-and-groove roof boards and all 46 of the clearstory windows must be replaced. Fortunately we found several of the original style window frames to use as a pattern. In addition, the platform roofs must be completely rebuilt. We will use the framing of CP 29’s roof as a guide. When the framing is completed the entire roof will be covered with the same type of sheet material used on P&SR Caboose 1.

NWP 605 NW corner cutout small window frame and cut truss rod & brace

Remodeling by the homeowner resulted in cutting the siding, wooden braces and inverted truss rod to accommodate a window and other fixtures. The paint primer-coated boards shown here were installed by an NWP shop crew. The boards on the car ends are bare, indicating the car was not painted during its construction until installation of the original siding boards was completed.
Photo by the author.

Due to rot and damage, all of the clearstory window frames and glass must be replaced.
Photo by Steve Atnip.