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Donate to NWP #605 We are planning on replacing the entire roof from the rafters up. You can help us out by donating.
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CP #29/NWP #123 We are working on the trucks for this car. You can help by donating to this fund.
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Donate to P&SR #2 We have just acquired this historic car. It is the first P&SR boxcar and was built by Holman.
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Donate to P&SR #1 The caboose mostly finished, but will need ongoing maintenance and protection.
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Donate to Library Archive We now have a real location for the Archive. We will be open on a regular basis once again. There is a lot of work to be done to set up this facility.
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Donate to Stindt Fund We maintain this fund to be able to have the money to display the NWP #112 in the Redwood Empire some time in the future.
Donate to Depot Retorations Fund This fund is used to pay the costs of the display in Santa Rosa's Depot and to be there if needed to help restore any stations along the line. It is also used to pay for Order Board installations in restored depots.
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