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Caboose #13

P&SR #1

Car #29/123

Baggage #605


Caboose #13 Pictures

13Eureka (45K)

Taken at Eureka in 1971, the year the rest of NWP's wooden cabooses were finally retired.

13Sonoma (34K)

From the NWPRRHS Archives

Cab13a (44K)

Photo from Richard Bierman taken in San Rafael, in its earlier form as a C-30-1

Cab13b (46K)

From the NWPRRHS Archives; Location unknown

Cab13c (56K)

Photo from Don Clauder; Location unknown

Cab13d (58K)

Photo from Michael R. Polk; Location unknown

Roots1 (61K)

Photo by Bruce Evans; Markers proudly displayed, #13 brings up the rear of a special event train.

Roots2 (68K)

Photo by Bruce Evans; Caboose 13 is at the rear of a log train assembled for the Logging Modelers Convention in 2005.

Roots3 (68K)

Photo by Bruce Evans; Caboose 13 serves as a training aid for Roots annual Railroad Safety and Operation Class.

Roots4 (57K)

Photo by Bruce Evans; Members of the Conference of California Historical Societies detrain during a visit in October of 2009.

Roots5 (66K)

Photo by Bruce Evans; Caboose 13 is a regular fixture during the Memories In Motion Christmas Train

Roots6 (44K)

Photo by Steve Eberhard; Passengers wait to board for a ride on the annual Christmas train at Roots.

Roots7 (68K)

Photo from Roots of Motive Power. Society member Mike Meyer explains the workings of a caboose to children during Education Day at the museum.

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