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Caboose #13

P&SR #1

Car #29/123

Baggage #605


Pictures of Caboose P&SR #1

1699 (26K)

Early shot of P&SR #1

2821 (23K)

Paul Shaw

8077 (41K)

Good end view of the caboose

p-and-sr-1-2 (49K)

The second # 1, note end window, small logo and archbar trucks

caboose1-56 (44K)

Picture of #1 on the trailer ready to leave Petaluma 1-29-1958

Petaluma&SR_Cabose_#1 (33K)

In front of the drive-in in San Mateo Does anyone have a picture of it in the used car lot?

03.076.0039 (38K)

At Hunters Point Shipyard in the custody of Golden Gate Railroad Museum

nwp-002 (39K)

Returning to Petaluma in January of 2005

nwp-020 (38K)

At the reconstruction site, it will be in this location for 4 years

psr6-16-005 (52K)

We are checking out all the damage time has taken on our caboose, note the sill is rotted through

psr6-16-009 (57K)

This corner of the cupola and roof are in very bad shape. We decide to pull the cupola off the body

caboose-007 (43K)

New side sill taking shape

DSCF1026 (49K)

Side sill installed and new framing for the missing windows has been installed

DSCF1566 (35K)

New siding on one side, we rehabilitated the end siding in place

DSCF2399 (32K)

After fixing the rafters and decking, we covered the roof with a layer of plywood for strength

DSCF1850 (39K)

Residing the inside wall sheathing

DSCF1262 (39K)

Our 'new' trucks arrive from Mineral Washington

DSCF2326 (56K)

Good wheels and axels, plus lots of salvageable parts

DSCF2313 (45K)

Taking the hardware off was hot work

DSCF2493 (44K)

We had lots of holes to drill in the new parts

DSCF2536 (44K)

A little nudging will make these parts come together

DSCF2602 (47K)

New truck frames

DSCF2647 (57K)

Dropping them onto the axels

DSCF2667 (60K)

A good day's (actually months') work

DSCF3162 (44K)

Welding the new under frame to the bolsters

DSCF3179 (43K)

Trucks are on temporary track spaced just right for the caboose to join them

DSCF3201 (37K)

Halloween morning, the caboose flies to its new location

DSCF3218 (31K)

Set down on the trucks

DSCF3245 (36K)

New roofing installed to keep out the weather

P1000935 (30K)

New cabinets under the cupola are taking shape.

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