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NWP Baggage 605

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Introduction and History of NWP Baggage #605

Research suggests it was constructed in 1892 for San Francisco and North Pacific (denoted as car #5), it may have been built in either Lakeville / Donahue Landing, near Petaluma, or in the Tiburon shops. We do know that the Northwestern Pacific acquired the 605 when the NWP bought the SF&NP. The 605 ran from Tiburon past Petaluma to Cloverdale and on to Eureka under the NWP flag. The car was retired in 1932 at which point it was reconfigured as a house in Alto (a subdivision in Mill Valley) and remained in this state for half a century. The NWP Historical Society acquired the car and moved it to the Petaluma Trolley Yard in August 2010. The car is currently undergoing restoration. Project director Scott Bowdish has made a scale model of one end of the car so we can figure out how to rebuild the missing ends. No construction plans for this car were found. The lower roof rafters and the door jamb on one side have been repaired or replaced. As the weather gets better rebuilding of the roof will commence. The car's interior had been sandblasted and the roof rafters (carlines), are not salvagable and will be replaced. We will also be replacing the roof sheathing and clerestory windows.


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