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Headlight Articles: June 2012 | December 2012 | Feburary 2013 | April 2013

From The Headlight June 20120

NWP Baggage Car 605

Work Plan for 2012

By Mike Manson

No work has been done so far this season on NWP 605, and like CP 29 it was kept under wraps until the Annual Dinner. Last fall we pulled out the interior paneling because it had been sandblasted. NWP 605's interior framing is now exposed, showing where the windows were repositioned by a previous owner. Several of the inverted truss rods were cut to allow the windows to fit flush against the wall posts. These rods have to be repaired so they will support the car ends. Replacement windows will then be set in the original locations.

One original sliding side door remained with the car. It is being used as a pattern to build replacements for the three missing doors. The damaged door posts also will be replaced.

We removed the original canvas roof last fall. Damaged or missing tongue-and-groove roof boards and all 46 of the clearstory windows must be replaced. Fortunately we found several of the original style window frames to use as a pattern. In addition, the platform roofs must be completely rebuilt. We will use the framing of CP 29's roof as a guide. When the framing is completed the entire roof will be covered with the same type of sheet material used on P&SR Caboose 1.

NWP 605 NW corner cutout small window frame and cut truss rod & brace
NWP 605 NW corner cutout small window frame and cut truss rod & brace

Remodeling by the homeowner resulted in cutting the siding, wooden braces and inverted truss rod to accommodate a window and other fixtures. The paint primer-coated boards shown here were installed by an NWP shop crew. The boards on the car ends are bare, indicating the car was not painted during its construction until installation of the original siding boards was completed.
Photo by the author.

Celestory windows

Due to rot and damage, all of the clearstory window frames and glass must be replaced.
Photo by Steve Atnip.

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From The Headlight December 2012

NWP Baggage Car 605

By Mike Manson

Since the last issue of the Headlight the Restoration Team had only a couple of work sessions before the end-of-year shutdown, so there is not much to report.
Frank Moraes, Jr., built four new baggage doors out of Douglas fir. Each door has four tempered glass windows above the midline and three recessed panels below the midline. They will be finished with tongue and groove paneling when new siding is purchased for the car. A pair of roller brackets (left and right) will be cast for each of the doors. Scott Bowdish has been shaping new exterior door posts for the damaged baggage door opening. Forty-six new clearstory windows will be built to replace the badly deteriorated originals. Unlike CP 29, the windows for this car are fixed in place. When it is restored, ventilation of the car will be accomplished using the single roof vent and four operable windows on each side.
Our baggage car is the only known surviving example of a car built at NWP's Tiburon shop. Please donate what you can afford to help the Society restore Baggage Car 605.

New baggage door
Photo 1: Frank Moraes, Jr., built this door and three more for use on Car 605. Photo by the author.

P1210367 Photo 2: Car 605 project manager Scott Bowdish checks the shape of a new door post.
Photo by Steve Atnip.

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From The Headlight February 2013

NWP Baggage Car 605

By Mike Manson

When we rescued Baggage Car 605 from its enclosing structure the platform roofs were conspicuous in their absence. They had been cut off flush with the end walls. Skip Ruekert and Project Manager Scott Bowdish have been examining the end wall framing to determine exactly how the platform roof timbers were anchored into the walls and clearstory roof. Scott built a 1:24 scale model of one end of the car floor and walls to aid in understanding the joinery. Complicating the situation is the one-piece deck end panel above each end door. These panels are full width across the car end wall, extending up to the base of the clearstory deck and about 4 inches thick, with curved upper edges that follow the car's roof line. Fortunately these panels are in good condition, for they must support the weight of the clearstory deck. The deck sills are the longitudinal planks supporting the clearstory sides, while the deck plates are the longitudinal planks supporting the clearstory roof. Deck posts extend upwards from the deck sills into the deck plates. The clearstory windows are fastened onto the outside of the framework of sill, posts and plate. Rafters extend inboard from the wall plates (along the top of the car wall framing) to support roof planks and the deck sills. Carlines are the cross boards that rest on the deck plates and support the clearstory roof planks.
All of the rafters needed replacement due to rot and nail damage. A few have already been replaced with salvaged lumber, and the remainder will be replaced this work season. All of the existing deck posts and deck plates will be replaced. The upper ¾ inch of the deck sills will be cut off and replaced with wood strips due to damage from paint removal by sand blasting.
The wall plates, deck plates and deck sills must be extended at each end of the car to reconstruct the platform roofs. To gain the necessary length, boards will be spliced together using a scarf joint or half-lap joint. When the extended deck sills are fastened to the replacement deck plates and posts, roof rafters and carlines along the walls, the resultant car body framework will be very strong.

NWP 605 end of roof missing
Photo 1: The amputated platform roofs will be reconstructed with salvaged wood. The clearstory deck sills are set into notches in the one-piece deck end panel above the door.

Truncated ends
Photo 2: The truncated platform roof carlines projecting out of the clearstory end carline will be replaced with new pieces that curve down to support the platform roof.

Model of floor frame
Photo 3: Project Manager Scott Bowdish built this ½-inch-scale mockup of one end of the car floor framing. Side and end wall framing will be added, then roof plates and sills. The mockup will be used to determine the layout of the platform roof carlines for Car 605. All photos by the author.

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From The Headlight April 2013

NWP Baggage Car 605

By Mike Manson

Repair work continues on two of the baggage door frames. During conversion of the car to a dwelling these door openings were enlarged by removing a portion of each header. Scott Bowdish, Frank Moraes, Skip Rueckert and Dave Dietz have been measuring, cutting and fitting new posts and planks to make repairs. When these are done, the new doors built by Frank will be fitted into position. Eventually each of the doors will be fitted with a roller mechanism that allows proper operation.
As you know, Baggage 605 lost its trucks when it was retired and sold. The Society has a pair of caboose trucks from the Sumpter Valley Railway that have hardware suitable for use with longer-wheelbase passenger trucks. As this is being written in April the Society is preparing an application for a matching funds grant to the National Railway Historical Society. Like with CP 29, this application, if successful, will help pay for new oak beams for the trucks. We should hear about our application by August.
Later this summer the Restoration Team will remove the existing clearstory deck to replace the rotted and sandblasted wood. All 46 of the clearstory windows will be replaced as well as the window framing and the roof boards. Our goal this season is to complete the woodwork and windows. Next year we hope to install weatherproof roofing material similar to the rolled roofing used on Caboose 1.

Working on the door frame
Photo 1: Dave Dietz and Skip Rueckert move the new baggage door header into position. This photo and the next are by Steve Atnip.

NWP 605 - new door frame
Photo 2: All of the framing is complete. The newly completed door should be in position by the Annual Dinner on June 15.

NWP 605 Baggage Truck
Photo 3: Two trucks like the original shown here are needed for 605. They are similar in style to the trucks for CP 29, but use a later style of pedestal. This photo is from the Fred Stindt Collection.

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