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Northwestern Pacific Railroad

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Preserving the heritage of Redwood Empire Railroading

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William R. Hogarty Memorial Library

Archive Location Pictures

This is where we were, it was quite crowded and we had to set up to work in the main isleway of the storage facility.

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Looking into unit 6206.

100_1578w (110K)

Looking into unit 6205.

Our new space will allow us to spread out some and be able to display some of our artifacts.

New location - pictures before moving in.

This is the space we have moved into, it is about 1000 square feet.

100_1566w (44K)

Back room.

100_1567w (53K)

From the back looking to the front area. The small archway leads to the Map and File rooms.

100_1570w (44K)

Looking into the 'map room'.

100_1571w (68K)

Looking into the 'file room'.

100_1572w (76K)

Entrance and 'Musuem Display' area.

100_1573w (57K)

Looking towards the back room and the cabinets there. Door on the right is into a private office.

Floor Plan

Floor plan for Archive

Moving In

100_1599w (51K)

Open Storage area is filling up with the old shelving units.

100_1601w (52K)

The first of five new shelves to hold the banker box file storage.

100_1602w (63K)

Looking into the Map Room. Platforms are to increase height of cabinets off the floor.

100_1603w (49K)

Platform along this wall will hold the file cabinets.

100_1604w (67K)

Book cases being filled up.

Ready to Open

Thursdays are work days and we are open to the public on the first Saturday of each month. Our hours are 10:00 am till 4:00 pm.

100_1665 (97K)

Photo albums and the computer stations where we can do data entry or data search.

100_1662 (75K)

File storage room. Banker boxes and filing cabinets are full of interesting material.

100_1661 (72K)

Map room, with drawers and tubes filled with maps and plans from the railroad.

100_1663 (87K)

Main room looking into the kitchen. The bookshelves are filled with railroad and history books.

100_1658 (89K)

Museum Area near the front door. The desk is from the San Rafael Depot as are the clocks.

P1020123 (87K)

Front door sign for the Open House.

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